People are paramount to our business being successful and make it possible for us to deliver on our promises. We work with ethically likeminded people so we can provide what is needed to keep them safe, happy and engaged.

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Whatever stage of the project lifestyle (planning, design, manufacturing and installation) we are committed to producing results we are proud of and align with our core principles of quality, best practice systems and processes, superior project execution and strong customer relationships. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of what we do, so whatever your vision is we can bring it to life!

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Qualified & Certified

Every year our diverse team of experts deliver industry leading solutions for local, national and international clients. We have generations of proven experience and continue to recruit people who are aligned with our values, work ethic and high quality culture. All employees work to our values and code of conduct, are 100% committed to safe work practices and ensure individual site rules are adhered to. Our team is talented, qualified and certified to deliver.

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Innovation & Development

Our business continues to focus on the future, continually educating ourselves and embracing new technologies to streamline our services and finding innovative ways of delivering successful project outcomes for our growing number of clients

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Health & Safety

What we do is risky and the scale of our projects can be huge, but we don’t take chances, above or on the ground. Our team works within our Health & Safety, and Wellbeing Policies and we possess a 4 Star rating in Impac PREQUAL Certification. At HQ our team of designers are all governed by Engineering New Zealand, meaning at all times, we ensure safety first – always!

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Environmental Care

At PW Engineering we consider the environment throughout all stages of our projects. We are currently continuing to review and renew our procedures for environmental management and increase awareness and understanding amongst our staff.

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