Any farmer will tell you a wool press is worth its weight in gold. Built to the highest specifications and guidelines to ensure the safety of the operator whilst ensuring the maximum weight is pressed in each bale.

PW Engineering stand behind the Micron Wool Press and has done for over 10 years. It is a strong, reliable, lightweight press in both single and 3 phase options available throughout New Zealand & Australia.




The beauty of the Micron wool press is it can be loaded from either side. With a built-in digital weigh scale and a large top box for maximum loading efficiency. Fully transportable, the machine can be moved from shed to shed without dismantling.



A fully automated machine, with heavy duty limit switches ensuring if anything is open, the machine will not start or will stop for your protection.

The Micron wool press is fully enclosed and designed with safety of the operator top of mind. 



Built to be fit for purpose, the Micron wool press has a fully immersed pump contained to protect it from contamination. With a Weigh scale, large top box, easy bale removal and various motor options, twin rams and integrated hydraulic plumbing - it's a fully automated self-pinning machine which is moveable as only weighs 580kg and will fit on a trailer.

Servicing, Repairs & Second Hand Presses

We service and repair all brands of wool presses in our workshop. Including: Lyco, Donalds No Tramps, High Country, Vanguard, Hydrapress and more. We operate a wool press breakdown service and carry spare parts for all types of presses

Servicing can either be done on farm or in our workshop depending on the locality and work required. Old tired presses struggling to reach bale weights can be refurbished to achieve original performance.

A selection of second hand presses are occasionally available for sale, please phone for current options.

"Taking the pain out of pressing wool is easy with a Micron Wool Press, saving time, money and effort"

Bob Adams

PW Engineering | General Manager


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